Successful LTE strategies: How to use LTE to build a compelling broadband strategy

Successful LTE strategies: How to use LTE to build a compelling broadband strategy

Published: April 2012

There are already some clear examples of the best practice that has underpinned successful LTE launches. Charging a premium for LTE access is perhaps the most obvious pricing approach, although evidence strongly indicates that this is not the most successful.
Paul Lambert, Senior Analyst, Operator Strategies, Informa Telecoms & Media

This report is based on in-depth and extensive interviews with LTE operators.

The operators that have most successfully launched LTE have created a new proposition that builds on and reinforces their overall broadband strategy.


    Who are the most successful LTE operators to date, and why? How have they positioned LTE to drive customer uptake? How are operators effectively positioning LTE? How can operators maximize the value of their LTE investments? What pricing and value propositions are working in the market and which aren’t? How have different operator strategies influenced LTE subscription uptake?

    These are some of the core questions “Successful LTE strategies” addresses. The report provides clear and in-depth analysis of how operators are positioning LTE in the market and what is working and why. It provides concrete examples of go-to-market best practice, using the experience of operators that have already launched LTE services to arrive at its conclusions.

    The report is based on in-depth and extensive interviews with LTE operators as well as a full assessment of the launch strategies of all 52 (as at 24 April 2012) live LTE networks globally, and, in conjunction with ITM’s industry knowledge, distils the lessons learned to date by LTE operators to arrive at concrete examples of best practice that have proven to be successful with end users.

    The report provides clear and actionable conclusions of what has worked with the early LTE launches, ones that are applicable to all operators looking to launch LTE, and which will help them to avoid replicating the mis-steps some LTE operators have made and are making.

Countries/regions covered:

  • Asia Pacific (Japan, Korea)

  • Europe (Germany, Sweden, Norway)

  • North America (US)

How will this research help you:

  • Identify successful LTE go-to-market strategies.

  • Assess how to price and market services based on an analysis of which LTE strategies have worked and which haven’t.

  • Formulate a framework for thinking about how LTE can reinforce existing broadband propositions and move into untapped areas.

New report format:

    New Report format - designed for sharing - This research is available from our online store either as a hardcopy report or electronic format, featuring a series of PDF files, each designed to provide you with business critical intelligence which is easy to share with your colleagues.

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