Global Mobile Roaming - 5th edition

Global Mobile Roaming - 5th edition

Published: April 2012

Roaming has entered a new epoch characterized by great challenges but also great opportunities. How each player fares in this brave new world will be decided by the choices they make today. This exhaustive research provides the foundation to make the “informed” choice.
Paul Merry, Senior Analyst, Informa Telecoms & Media

Informa’s latest roaming research analyzes the key issues surrounding the roaming market, considers future developments and strategically evaluates their impact. This approach provides a unique combination of high-level market investigation, regional expert analysis and exclusive market forecasts to 2016.


    In this year’s roaming analysis, Informa has sought to reappraise the market in light of the immense changes it is undergoing. Regulation, economic downturn and the growing opportunity of data services while roaming have combined to set the market alight. Navigating the market has become immensely difficult as regulatory changes have occurred at breakneck speed and market opportunities have developed.

    Informa has sought to develop its market-leading position in this space to provide the complete toolset to successfully navigate this important market.

    A fundamental element of this process was a complete overhaul of Informa’s mobile roaming forecasting model. The outcome of this endeavor was the creation of a highly tolerant forecast model that incorporates triangulation research methodologies and data-gathering approaches as well as exhaustive primary research gathering, resulting in a set of outputs that are both robust and inherently adaptable and able to react to the market as it moves forward. An invaluable capability for a market defined by its unpredictability.

    This approach provides outputs for outbound originated and terminated traffic, broken into consumer and business users and incorporating high, medium and low user segments. They are further segmented into three unique scenario-based forecasts based on core, conservative and bullish outlooks. Additional granularity allows these forecasts to be broken down further into all the Informa-defined regions.

How will this research help you:

  • Provides a sound, research-backed foundation for decision making.

  • Illuminates the complex roaming pricing and charging environment and suggests the strategies that are best to manipulate it.

  • Presents a reasoned scenario analysis providing multiple strategy-planning options enabling the adaption of strategy on the fly as market factors change.

  • Clarifies the data roaming market opportunity with a clear representation of the scope and prospect that data services offer within the mobile service ecosystem.

New report format:

    New Report format - designed for sharing - This research is available from our online store either as a hardcopy report or electronic format, featuring a series of PDF, PPT and XLS files, each designed to provide you with business critical intelligence which is easy to share with your colleagues.

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