IPX Opportunities and Challenges: Shaping the future of LTE data roaming and all-IP interconnect

Published: December 2012

Demand for IPX services is already growing as operators look to facilitate LTE roaming and deploy new IP-based services such as videoconferencing and HD voice. However, long-term growth will be shaped, at least partly, by the speed at which network operators implement all-IP infrastructures.
Chris Drake, Senior Analyst, Informa Telecoms & Media

Informa Telecoms & Media’s new report on IP exchange (IPX) assesses the opportunities and challenges of IPX to telecoms operators, content providers and other companies requiring IP-based roaming and interconnection services.


    Recent months have seen an increasing number of wholesale telecoms operators and other companies enter the market with inter-carrier IP exchange (IPX) services. By providing hub-based interconnection to telecoms operators, content providers and other companies, IPX service providers aim to offer a private international network for exchanging both IP and legacy traffic that is separate from the public Internet.

    Among the various benefits of IPX being championed by its proponents are its ability to support multilateral interconnections, its system of “cascading payments” for all participants and its enablement of multiple classes of service (CoS) backed by unique service level agreements (SLAs).

    Several developments will drive the long-term demand for IPX services, including the launch of 4G networks based on LTE, the growing demand among VoIP service providers for high-quality transit and termination, and the ability of IPX to support new services, including videoconferencing and HD voice.

    However, although IPX providers are already winning customers to their nascent service offerings, several factors point to a steady but incremental growth trend for this relatively new market. These factors include the continued and widespread use of alternative interconnection platforms for voice and data traffic, notably GRX, TDM, IP MPLS and the public Internet.

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  • Recognize the future opportunities which IPX offers your business.

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Contributing Analysts

Chris Drake, Senior Analyst, Broadband & TV, Informa Telecoms & Media

Paul Merry, Senior Analyst, Operator Strategies, Informa Telecoms & Media

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