Global 3DTV Forecasts - 3rd edition

Global 3DTV Forecasts - 3rd edition

Published: April 2013

Although not yet a mainstream technology, 3DTV functionality is being used by TV operators as an important differentiator. They want 3DTV to indicate to customers that they are serious players.
Adam Thomas, Media Research Manager, Informa Telecoms & Media

3DTV adoption made some good early progress. Equipment prices are falling but content remains fairly scarce. As some key industry players are still backing the technology, there are hopes that it can move beyond “early adopters” into the mainstream.


    Informa’s 3DTV forecasts and analysis track the technology’s progress to date and up to 2017. Early adoption has been driven by its status as a novel technology which is attractive to early adopters. To move into the mainstream, it now has to deliver compelling content combined with a high-quality viewing experience.

    3DTV benefits from the backing of many key industry players: set manufacturers, content owners, broadcasters, platforms and operators. These parties have sufficient collective clout to create consumer momentum.

    Several high-profile 3D movies have already appeared in the cinema, which has helped to generate consumer awareness and demand. The slate of 3D productions is expanding. The Studios want to transfer this demand to DVD, especially using Blu-ray. At the same time, games-console manufacturers and publishers are developing 3D games, pushing overall demand further.

    Sport is one of the main genres benefiting from 3D. Associations are always keen to exhibit their sports in new and compelling ways to viewers. There are a huge number of high-profile sporting events which will provide a great showcase for 3D programming.

    3DTV programs and channels can broadcast via most existing HD set-top boxes – so benefiting from a large installed base. Set manufacturers also report that the additional 3D component necessary is relatively cheap to install.

Key issues addressed:

  • Track how key INDUSTRY PLAYERS are driving 3DTV take-up
  • Find out how key sporting events like the London Olympics have driven penetration
  • Learn how operators are promoting their 3D services
  • Identify investment opportunities in new countries and across platforms
  • Analyze what the impact of falling equipment prices will have on 3D penetration
  • Understand the impact and influence of 3DTV on the FILM INDUSTRY, DVDS and GAMES


  • TV households
  • 3DTV active homes
  • Digital TV households
  • DTT households
  • Digital cable TV households
  • Pay DTH households
  • Paying IPTV households

New report format:

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